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about app download

App download is an extensive and dynamic listing of apps for both iOS and Android, with a strong focus on unbiased, community-based reviews of those apps.

It is clear to us that many high quality and useful apps do not receive the exposure that they deserve, unless the authors of those apps have access to influence or pay for publicity. In addition, app ratings are often questionable and may be prejudiced by a number of factors, the most obvious one being paid sponsorship.

At app download, we seek to level the playing field by rating apps through the involvement of a global review community. Volunteers from all around the world will provide fair, unbiased and informative ratings and this information will be used by our state-of-the-art artificial intelligence software to allocate a clear and fair star rating to the apps.

For app-reviewers, if you are interested in participating in this innovative project, please fill in our short application form and we will notify you once our app review process begins.

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